David Keir published in ESARDA Bulletin

VERTIC's David Keir, who heads the organisation's Verification and Monitoring programme, is featured in the current issue of the ESARDA Bulletin (No. 50) with an article on nuclear disarmament verification.

Dr Keir's article, titled 'New Approaches and New Technologies for the Verification of Nuclear Disarmament', ties in closely with VERTIC's ongoing research into verifying nuclear disarmament—which currently focuses on the role of intergovernmental organisations, leading on from VERTIC work in recent years on the 'irreversibility' of nuclear disarmament and research into how to verify the dismantlement of nuclear warheads as part of a disarmament process.

Dr Keir's article contains a generic 'dismantlement pathway' for the process of dismantling a nuclear warhead in a verified manner, based on the scenario used by the UK-Norway Initiative field exercises in 2008 and 2009. It considers, with regard to verifying such a process, challenges faced in particular by Non-Destructive Assay technologies—for measuring radiation—and the potential role in minimising proliferation risk of so-called information barrier devices (which have formed a key part of the UK-Norway effort).
The full article is available online at the ESARDA website, here. The article in question can be found on pages 106-115.

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