Briefing paper on the IAEA safeguards function

Today, VERTIC has released a briefing paper on the IAEA’s safeguards function.

In the brief, John Carlson and Andreas Persbo discuss the proper function of IAEA safeguards. The briefing paper emphasizes the safeguards systems role in ‘preventing’ the use of nuclear material for proscribed purposes, and goes through what this means for the authority to investigate apparent nuclear weaponization activities, the standard of proof, and the Agency’s responsibility to provide early warning. It concludes that ‘safeguards are not an adversarial system, a zero sum game where either the state or the IAEA ‘wins’ and the other loses. Rather, for the overwhelming majority of states that have made a non-proliferation commitment, cooperation with the IAEA helps the state to demonstrate that it is meeting this commitment.’

Download VERTIC Brief No. 21—‘The IAEA safeguards function’—here.


Last changed: Aug 16 2013 at 12:53 PM