Andreas Persbo published in The Nonproliferation Review

On 10 March, Andreas Persbo, Executive Director, had his article 'Compliance science: the CTBT's global verification system' published in The Nonproliferation Review.

His article goes through the 1996 Comprehensive Nuclear Test Ban Treaty's international monitoring system and pays particular attention to its waveform-monitoring techniques. It then considers the concept of data fusion, before describing the agreement's on-site inspection mechanism. It briefly discusses how alleged noncompliance is likely to be resolved. It concludes by arguing that the treaty's verification regime is expected to make cheating costly, which enhances the agreement's deterrent effect.

The article is available here.

The edition also features articles by Wolfgang Hoffmann, Massimiliano Moretti, Pierce Corden, Jenifer Mackby, Paul G. Richards, Zia Mian, Togzhan Kassenova, and Gabriella Venturini.

The full edition is available here.

This is Mr Persbo's second article for The Nonproliferation Review. In 2012, he published the book review 'Getting better all the time: Verifying compliance with the CTBT.'

Next week, the Nonproliferation Review will hold an event on the margins of the 2017 Carnegie International Nuclear Policy Conference. The meeting will be moderated by Joshua H. Pollack, the journal's editor.

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