Andreas Persbo presents at CTBT Public Policy Course

On 1 September 2014 VERTIC's Executive Director Andreas Persbo presented on nuclear test-ban verification issues at the CTBT Public Policy Course in Vienna, Austria.
Mr Persbo's remarks focused on the underlying simplicity of the Comprehensive Nuclear-Test-Ban Treaty's main prohibiton and its associated, global, verification system. He considered the impact of the treaty on the qualitative development of nuclear weapons, its political force, and the way in which the systems in place today to monitor the agreement are far ahead of what was envisaged when the treaty itself was negotiated. 
In addition, Mr Persbo stressed the need for the CTBT system to work in harmony with other regimes (chiefly the IAEA safeguards system) as well as the impact of the treaty on peace and security and the model the treaty serves for technical perseverance in times of—and in spite of—political disinterest. 
Read the full remarks here.

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