Verification and Implementation 2015

Foreword - Ambassador Ahmet Üzümcü
Preface - Larry MacFaul
Iran and the Evolution of Safeguards - Mark Hibbs
Securing the Front End of Iran’s Fuel Cycle - Andreas Persbo and Hugh Chalmers
In Defence of the Evolution of IAEA Safeguards - Craig Everton
The Role of Organisations Culture in Effectively Implementing Safety, Security, and Safeguards in New Nuclear Power Countries - Donald Kovacic
Investigating Multilateral Verification of Nuclear Disarmament: Fuel Cycle Modelling for Simulations - David Keir and Russell Moul
Dealing with Objections to the CTBT - Edward Ifft
Chemical Demilitarisation in Syria: An Overview - Dominique Anelli and Mehran Rouzbhani
Biological Weapons Convention Implementing Legislation and Compliance - Angela Woodward
The Arms Trade Treaty: Making a Difference - Ambassador Jo Adamson OBE and Guy Pollard MBE
Fundamentals of Cyber Security - David Clemente

Verification and Implementation 2015, .epub format (for iBooks), February 2016
Verification and Implementation 2015, .mobi format (for Kindle), February 2016

Verification Yearbook 2004

Preface - Rogelio Pfirter

Introduction: the state of play of verification - Trevor Findlay

Effective CTBT verification: the evidence accumulates - David Hafemeister

Improving CWC implementation: the OPCW Action Plan - Lisa Tabassi and Scott Spence

The lessons of UNSCOM and UNMOVIC - Trevor Findlay

Verifying Libya’s nuclear disarmament - Jack Boureston and Yana Feldman

Iran and nuclear safeguards: establishing the facts and seeking compliance - Wyn Q. Bowen

Small arms: monitoring the UN action programme - Helen Hughes

Monitoring greenhouse gases - Larry MacFaul

International systems for monitoring and verifying fisheries agreements - Judith Swan

Intelligence, verification and Iraq’s WMD - Brian Jones

Monitoring human rights treaties - Patricia Watt




Verification Yearbook 2003

Preface- Wolfgang Hoffmann

Introduction: multilateral verification in flux - Trevor Findlay

Integrated nuclear safeguards: genesis and evolution- Jill N. Cooley

UNMOVIC in Iraq: opportunity lost- Trevor Findlay and Ben Mines

North Korea: the challenge of verifying a moving target - Kenneth Boutin

Back to basics: verification and the Biological Weapons Convention - Jez Littlewood

Reviewing the Chemical Weapons Convention: gently does it - Robert J. Mathews

The radiological threat: verification at the source - Klaas van der Meer

CTBT radionuclide verification and the British Laboratory - Christine Comley and Owen Price

National implementing laws for arms control and disarmament treaties - Angela Woodward

‘Demonstrable progress’ on climate change: prospects and possibilities - Molly Anderson

Monitoring and verification of geological and ocean carbon dioxide disposal - Jason Anderson

Monitoring the Montreal Protocol - Duncan Brack

US nonproliferation assistance: verification and transparency - Michael Jasinski

Monitoring UN sanctions in Africa: the role of panels of experts - Alex Vines


Verification Yearbook 2002

Preface - Joke Waller-Hunter

Introduction: verification in the news for all the wrong and right reasons - Trevor Findlay

Recent developments in nuclear weapons verification - Nikolai Sokov

CTBT verification: technical progress versus political stasis - Oliver Meier

The OPCW at five: balancing verification in evolving circumstances - Robert J. Mathews

Continued turbulence over BWC verification - Jenni Rissanen

The Trilateral Agreement: lessons for biological weapons verification - David C. Kelly

Verifying a missile accord with North Korea - Leon V. Sigal

A role for verification and monitoring in small arms control? - Kate Joseph and Taina Susiluoto

Verification under the Kyoto Protocol - Molly Anderson

Monitoring environmental treaties using earth observation - Josef Aschbacher

International election observation - Bill Gray and Therese Laanela

Infrasound as a tool for CTBT verification - Hein Haak and Läslo Evers

The Open Skies Treaty - Ernst Britting and Hartwig Spitzer

Verification and advanced co-operative security - Nancy Gallagher


Verification Yearbook 2001

Preface - Mohamed ElBaradei

Introduction: verification under challenge - Trevor Findlay

Verifying nuclear arms control and disarmament - Edward M. Ifft

Test ban verification - Trevor Findlay and Oliver Meier

Nuclear Safeguards - John Carlson

The Biological Weapons Convention - Marie Chevrier

Verifying the Ottawa Convention - Angela Woodward

The Kyoto Protocol - Molly Anderson, Trevor Findlay and Clare Tenner

Verification mechanisms in CITES - Rosalind Reeve

Peace operations and the military dimensions of verification - Trevor Findlay

Verification of the Dayton arms control agreements - Dieter Rothbacher

Nuclear warhead arms control research at AWE - Garry J. George and Martin Ley

Non-governmental monitoring of international agreements - Oliver Meier and Clare Tenner

Verification Yearbook 2000

Preface - Richard Butler

Introduction: the salience and future of verification  - Trevor Findlay

Nuclear test ban verification: work in progress - Oliver Meier

Nuclear safeguards: evolution and future - David Fischer

Verifying nuclear arms control and disarmament - Annette Schaper

Chemical disarmament: advent and performance of the OPCW - Robert J. Mathews

Verifying biological disarmament: towards a protocol and organisation - Nicholas Sims

Verification of conventional arms control - Pál Dunay

Verification under duress: the case of UNSCOM - Stephen Black

Multilateral environmental agreements: trends in verification - Clare Tenner

Verification and compliance systems in the climate change regime - Clare Tenner

Monitoring and verifying the military aspects of peace accords - Jane Boulden

Evolution of police monitoring in peace operations - J. Matthew Vaccaro

Remote monitoring from space: the resolution revolution - Bhupendra Jasani

The information revolution and verification - Andrew Rathmell

Compliance mechanisms for disarmament treaties - A. Walter Dorn and Douglas S. Scott

Intelligence in arms control and disarmament - Tim McCarthy

Societal verification: wave of the future? - Dieter Deiseroth

Peace operations worldwide, 1948-2000


Verification 1997: Arms Control, Peacekeeping and the Environment

Editor: Richard Guthrie
Publisher: Westview Press, 1997
ISBN: 0813399874
Length: 352 pages

Verification 1996: Arms Control, Peacekeeping and the Environment

Editors: J. B. Poole, Richard Guthrie
Publisher: Westview Press, 1996
ISBN: 0813390052, 9780813390055
Length: 468 pages


Verification 1995: Arms Control, Peacekeeping and the Environment

Editors: J. B. Poole, Richard Guthrie
Publisher: Westview Press, 1995
ISBN: 0813389453 9780813378455
Length: 406 pages

Verification 1994: Arms Control, Peacekeeping and the Environment

Editors: John B. Poole, Richard Guthrie
Publisher: Brassey's, 1993
ISBN: 1857530837, 9781857530834
Length: 340 pages

Verification 1993: Arms Control, Peacekeeping and the Environment

Editors: John B. Poole, Richard Guthrie
Publisher: Brassey's, 1993
ISBN: 1857530837, 9781857530834
Length: 340 pages


Verification Report 1992

Editors: John Brian Poole, R. Guthrie
Publisher: VERTIC, 1992
ISBN 0951748513, 9780951748510
Length 372 pages

Verification Report 1991

Editor: J. B. Poole
Publisher: Apex Press, 1991
ISBN: 0945257376, 9780945257370
Length: 288 pages