Volunteer Consultancies

Information on volunteer consulting 

VERTIC welcomes applications for both VERTIC Programmes: Verification and Monitoring (VM) and National Implementation Measures (NIM). Our Volunteer Consultants are involved at any level of the organisation’s work in many different ways: from those requiring specialist skills to others where energy and enthusiasm are the only qualifications. Usually we are seeking individuals with good writing skills, a higher education, and a burning interest in one of our issue areas. 

Your Commitment

If your application proves successful, you will be expected to:

  • accept and work within the volunteer consulting policy and the organisation's policies and procedures;
  • attend regularly according to the arrangement you have with your co-ordinator;
  • participate in appropriate training to carry out tasks as directed by your co-ordinator; and
  • understand and abide by our equal opportunities policy.

Our Commitment

  • To provide effective support, training and supervision appropriate to the task including a proper induction.
  • We will, wherever possible, endeavour to match the skills, interests and talents of each Volunteer Consultant to the allocated tasks.
  • We will treat all Volunteer Consultants as fairly and equally as paid staff.

We will strive to publish and promote any work you might be doing for us, giving you an opportunity to get a foot into a highly competitive market.


  • Opportunities to attend our events, use our library, and establish working relations with the non-governmental community.
  • Opportunities to publicise your work.
  • Association with VERTIC: your name and picture on our website, and your own vertic.org e-mail account.


It is acknowledged by VERTIC that the essence of volunteer consulting is the giving, freely, of one's services and, while Volunteer Consultants may not accept any form of financial reward for their services, they should not expect to be out of pocket as a result.

Volunteer Consultants will be offered reimbursement for out of pocket expenses, on production of receipts authorised by their supervisor, according to the prevailing formula and agreed maxima.

How to apply

See internship procedures. 


We encourage people to apply from all sections of the community and Volunteer Consultants will be selected and trained according to equal opportunities principles. We will, wherever possible, endeavour to match the skills, interests and talents of each consultant to the allocated tasks.

Where appropriate, we will limit certain tasks to Volunteer Consultants who can present particular skills, qualifications and experience. Selection is also based on the availability of appropriate work and staff time for initial training and supervision for the time you are offering.

Please be aware that as most applications are speculative and placements offered on an ad hoc basis there may not be any suitable opportunities at the time of your application and therefore some applicants may not be placed. Your details will be held on file for 12 months, after which you are free to reapply.

Please keep us informed if your availability or contact details change during this time.

We appreciate your interest in consulting with us, and hope you would like to take it further. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you would like any further information.