NIM Senior Legal Officer participates in Fact-Finding Visits in Thailand and the Philippines for EU CBRN CoE Project 61

VERTIC’s Senior Legal Officer, Yasemin Balci, participated in Fact-Finding Visits in Thailand and the Philippines during 7-11 May as part of EU CBRN Risk Mitigation Centres of Excellence Project 61. The purpose of Project 61 is to address outstanding chemical safety and security issues in areas of legislation/regulation, prevention, detection, preparedness and response. The project addresses not only the sound management of chemicals and their wastes but also takes emerging chemical issues into account.

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VERTIC releases a new report on nuclear security

Today, we released Brief No. 30, authored by Alberto Muti. The report addresses information sharing in nuclear security, especially in the context of the 5 April 2016 ‘Joint Statement on Sustainable Reporting and Information Sharing.’

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Trust & Verify No. 159

Trust & Verify Issue No. 159 is now available. Download it here. Maria Elena Amadori summaries state party agreement on a Biological Weapons Convention intersessional programme and Aurelie Buytaert discusses the European Union and the BWC. Plus verification watch, notable quotes and an expanded staff news section. The edition is also available in a standard epub format (for, amongst other e-readers, the iPad) and the mobi-format (for the Kindle).

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