About Vertic

VERTIC (the Verification Research, Training and Information Centre) is an independent, non-profit making charitable organization. Established in 1986, VERTIC supports the development, implementation and verification of international agreements as well as initiatives in related areas.

VERTIC provides this support through research and analysis, assistance and training, dissemination of information, and interaction with the governmental, diplomatic, technical, scientific and non-governmental communities.

VERTIC’s work focuses on the development and application of monitoring, reporting, review, verification and compliance mechanisms, and on national implementation measures.

VERTIC is based in central London, governed by a Board of Trustees and advised by an International Verification Consultants Network. It is funded by philanthropic foundations, governments and other organizations and is regulated by the Charity Commission for England and Wales (Reg. Co. No. 3616935, Reg. Charity No. 1073051).