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Trust & Verify Issue No. 160

Trust & Verify Issue No. 160 is now available. You can download the PDF version by clicking on this link.

We were grateful to four leading experts on chemical weapons to lead off this edition with a summary of the situation in Syria. Over the initial pages, Jean-Pascal Zanders, Ralf Trapp, Richard Guthrie and Alastair Hay describes the disturbing story of chemical weapons use in Syria and details efforts taken by the OPCW, and others, to date, to verify and monitor all aspects of the situation.

Our second lead article, written by Sonia Dobrysz, goes through our presently running Centres of Excellence project in Central Asia and outlines the tools and methodologies developed by our team to date.

Both Verification Watch and Implementation Watch is dominated by the situation in Syria, as well as recent chemical weapons use on the territory of the United Kingdom, not far from our London base.

We also have a feature article on the National Implementation Measures Programme, which celebrates its 10th anniversary this year.

The edition is also available in a standard epub format (for, amongst other e-readers, the iPad or the iPhone) and the mobi-format (for the Kindle, because we love our Kindles).

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